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Drum Roll Please . . . Five Little Ladies has MOVED!

7 Jun

Well . . . after a month of working every spare moment ( and all the ones in between too)  I am finally ready to introduce you all to my new home on the world wide web!            (and do loads and loads and loads of laundry, something has to wait when I’m bloggin’!)


Oh, yeah . . . the address didn’t change much did it {wink} just a little bit shorter. There is still a lot of work to do, but I couldn’t wait any longer to introduce it to you.  I’m so anxious ( I can never wait to open a present either, I always try to peak!)

Please go over to the new site and take a look around.  Let me know what you think!

If you are a subscriber here I won’t be posting here any more . . . so don’t miss out on all the great things I have in store for you, subscribe over there.  You can join my newsletter for an occasional update and free gift or if you would rather, you can subscribe to my rss feed and get emails when I add new posts!  It’s up to you, but I’m sure you will want to choose one or the other, because I have so many fun things to share with you.

Here are some highlights of what’s over there

  • My Notebook.  This is like my personal diary or journal, where I have my virtual to do list of the great inspiration and ideas I find out there.  Memoirs of hilarious events that keep me rolling on the floor still wondering if it was for real.  Even a guest post from the girls every once in a while.
  • In the Kitchen Oh I was so excited when I added a recipe print feature!  Now when I find a “can’t live without” recipe you and I can print it in recipe card format!  { squeal in delight }
  • Free Tutorials Of course I still have a page with all the links to my free tutorials and I have so many more to add!!!
  • Home & Garden This section is bubbling over . . . scrapbooking, crocheting patterns and tutorials, FREE printables! Party planning ideas, decorating,  hmmm you’ll just have to see for yourself 🙂
  • Homeschooling  Some of you may know I have dabbled in homeschooling!  I have learned a thing or two and definitely have some tips for you here and a free lapbook or other fun printable you can use
  • Photography I love photography!  Sadly, I don’t know much about it, so here I will post as I learn.  You may like to learn along with me!  I do know some about Photoshop and so I will post tutorials for photoshop here.  One of my girls is really interested in photography also and she has some great photos there already
  • A Love Story  I added a new page for a wonderful Love Story set in the World War 2 era, inspired by real letters sent from my Grandfather to my Grandmother.  If you are a history buff, you may like this section.
So there you have it . . . an invitation to my work in progress.  I hope you will love it and leave me lots of great comments, ideas and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter! I have some really great gifts for you to download instantly after you sign up. Free circus party printables, Father’s Day party tags, and even a fun save the date Play Date card!
See you over there { wink}
ps.  Lia was a stage name one of the girls gave me  . . .  I decided to just be Me!

{ My Projects } Tooth Fairy Pillow

3 Apr

So here is the Tooth Fairy Pillow I made in Speedy Gonzales fashion one late night when my little lady Kyndall lost her first tooth.  You can read about that escapade here!

I had to think quick if I wanted to get this crazy Mom project done . . . but then all my projects have to be fairly quick anyways being a Mom of 5  or they just don’t get done!

I remembered over at mmmcrafts,  that talented gal Larissa had a really cute pattern for a tooth fairy pillow.  Click here to visit her post for the pattern.

Of course, being as late as it was, and being my thrifty self, I dug into my stash to complete this quick project.

If I were to make another one ( I see four more in the future, as all  the girls were swooning over this one.  lol )  I would embroider some cute eyes or use googlie eyes and make a little skirt and maybe some ballerina shoes.  It would be fun to use organza for the wings.

As it was I just grabbed whatever color felt I had and made it work.  So this tooth fairy pillow ended up with green eyes and flowered paisley wings!  Not the cutest she could be, but hopefully she will inspire all you creative ladies none the less.  I just love how the mouth opens for a place for the tooth to hide!  So cute, Thanks Larissa

Send me a photo if you make one . . . I’d love to see {{ smile }}

Sew a Monkey! Free Tutorial and Pattern

25 Feb

So I’ve had this darling monkey pattern for months and have wanted to make it but had never found the time . . . my little niece had her first birthday and it was the perfect opportunity to make one!  I am so pleased with how it turned out.  In fact it was really hard to put it in the mailbox especially when the girls were all swooning over it!

  • I found the free pattern over here at mmmcrafts

some corduroy fabric in my stash and a few coordinating prints in fun colors. Molly really came together nicely without too much trouble I would say a beginner could do this project.

I made the shoes as I do when I make baby shoes with felt and fabric.  I will add a free tutorial for that  and link it here if there is interest.  Let me know in the comments below.  The pattern called for a small little felt embellishment, but I love to blend textures, so I made little crochet flowers to dress up the shoes.  I could add a tutorial for that too, so let me know in the comments if you would like that.

The closest thing I had to tan or brown in my felt pile was a textured piece of felt in a cappuccino tone.  I didn’t really like the texture, but trying to be economical and make it work, I decided to turn it over and use the wrong side. Fantabulous!! Just a subtle texture that added nice character!  The face piece is glued on and I used a blanket stitch around the edge.

  • I found nice instructions with photos for a blanket stitch here at the futuregirl craft blog

The eyes and ears are glued on and next time I would do a small machine stitch around the edge or if I felt ambitious, I may even digitize the face and machine embroider it on.  The nose is two french knots and the mouth is a running stitch.

  • Tutorial for a french knot here at stitch school
  • Tutorial for a running stitch here another page at  stitch school

I had some extra fabric left so I made a matching knot dress too!

because that’s what I do with everything!  My niece is 1year old and the tutorial was for size 4/5 and 6/7 so I measured a dress in a 12mo size and then altered the pattern accordingly.  Really it was just the bodice piece I changed and then made all my other pieces based on the 12 mo size dress.  That’s clear as mud!!  Basically the length and width was estimated from the size of the 12 mo dress I had.

I think she’s cute!  What do you think?  I’d love to hear from you.


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