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This is a great idea! Ribbon organizing

19 Mar

This is such a  great idea I just had to share!

Over at Blue Cricket Design there is a wonderful idea for organizing your ribbon.

Look what they did with an old dresser drawer . . . isn’t this a fabulous idea.

I also saw a great idea once over at Sew Many Ways.  Karen is a talented lady and I love all her organizing tips.  Being her creative self, she used spring rods and hung ribbon on the rods, then placed them inside a bookcase.  Take a look over here.

Loved these ideas, so HAD to share {{wink}}  Do you have a good idea for organizing ribbon?  Let me know, I always love your comments.

Tips on Tuesday

12 Mar

As I was working on my latest tutorial I was thinking . . . of all the little things I do to cut corners, save money, save TIME!, keep me sane 😉 and make things work in this busy household of mine!  I decided to begin

So . . . Every Tuesday I will share a life altering (just kidding) tip that I have learned through trial and error, blood sweat and tears (I like to be dramatic it’s fitting for a house full of GIRLS!) It may be sewing, crafting, cleaning, organizing, cooking, baking or just plain surviving from day to day in this roller coaster life as a MOM . . . chaufer, referee, cheerleader, queen bee, money saver . . . oh my the list goes on!!!! I love every minuite of it even though I am often exhausted at bedtime.  🙂

Someone once told me of raising children . . .

The days are LONG, but the years are FAST!

I can tell you for sure this is true.  There is a lot to get done in a day, but these lovely ladies are growing FAST.  I try to treasure every moment ( and then there’s those other times; when we just pull the car over and cool off before we continue 😉 lol )

So~  Be sure to subscribe so you can get all my great

Every little bit helps! 🙂