{ ordinary days } Hilarious ride home from school

8 Apr

So I picked up the girls from school and on our 30 min ride home this was the conversation I heard:

Mom:  ( to 10 yr old) Why are you so grumby this afternoon?

10 yr old:  I’m hungry.  Thats why!

Mom:  Didn’t you eat your lunch?

10 yr old: NO

Mom: Why not honey?  I made you a nice lunch.

10 yr old:  (In a grumby comanding tone)  The cheese was so thick I couldn’t get my teeth through it!!

Mom: (thinking . . . cheese is soft even if it is thick.  She could have removed the cheese.  What a waste of money)  So you didn’t eat it?

10 yr old:  NO

13yr old:  So why didn’t you just cut the cheese???

Hilarious giggles explode in the minivan as we trott down the interstate at a clipping 70mph

Even grumby 10 yr old had to laugh.

6yr old totally not understanding the joke:  I cut the lettuce!

I love being a Mom



{ To Do List } Waldorf inspired Doll

7 Apr

I have had this Under the Nile Walorf doll and when Little Lady came along I pulled it out and put it in the crib.  Well, she is about 6 months old now and just LOVES this doll!

I plan to add some cute hair using these tutorials

Then I’ll make some clothes

What a relief to leave this project here on this virtual “to do” list!  Now I can cultivate a new project idea with that brain cell! {{ throw head back in hysterical giggle as all busy Mom’s can relate! }}


{ Tips on Tuesday } Alternative to backstitching to secure a stitch

5 Apr

The quaint little town, a mile high chalk FULL of American History with snow like glitter and warm and friendly folks was my favorite place we ever lived.  Coming home to our log house was like living in a vacation home!  This is where I learn this trick . . . even though Custer, SD is a  small town of about 4000 people, there is a cute little quilt shop and a friendly owner.  This gal and I were visiting and she shared this trick . . .

When you begin to stitch, were you would go forward and then backstitch before you continue to sew your seam, do this instead:

  1. decrease your stitch length to a very small stitch and begin to sew
  2. sew 1/4 inch – 1/2 inch with a very tight, small stitch length, this will secure your seam where you begin
  3. increase stitch length to normal setting and continue sewing your seam
  4. as you near the end of your seam, decrease your stitch length again to secure the end of your seam

(I have an electronic Elna so this is how I adjust my stitch lengths, whether you are sewing on an electronic machine or manual one the idea is to adjust the stitch length)

This is how my machine looks when I begin with the normal settings for a straight stitch

Now I decrease my stitch length quite a bit to secure before I begin to sew my seam

Once I have sewn a bit, then I return my machine to the normal settings finish my seam and do this process again before I reach the very end of my seam.

Ta Da!  An easy quick way to secure your stiches at the beginning and end without backstitching!

{ My Projects } Tooth Fairy Pillow

3 Apr

So here is the Tooth Fairy Pillow I made in Speedy Gonzales fashion one late night when my little lady Kyndall lost her first tooth.  You can read about that escapade here!

I had to think quick if I wanted to get this crazy Mom project done . . . but then all my projects have to be fairly quick anyways being a Mom of 5  or they just don’t get done!

I remembered over at mmmcrafts,  that talented gal Larissa had a really cute pattern for a tooth fairy pillow.  Click here to visit her post for the pattern.

Of course, being as late as it was, and being my thrifty self, I dug into my stash to complete this quick project.

If I were to make another one ( I see four more in the future, as all  the girls were swooning over this one.  lol )  I would embroider some cute eyes or use googlie eyes and make a little skirt and maybe some ballerina shoes.  It would be fun to use organza for the wings.

As it was I just grabbed whatever color felt I had and made it work.  So this tooth fairy pillow ended up with green eyes and flowered paisley wings!  Not the cutest she could be, but hopefully she will inspire all you creative ladies none the less.  I just love how the mouth opens for a place for the tooth to hide!  So cute, Thanks Larissa

Send me a photo if you make one . . . I’d love to see {{ smile }}

{ Ordinary Days } Some excitement

2 Apr

Well . . . It was about 11pm and we all should have been in bed

I was in the bedroom rocking the baby and I heard all kinds of excitement.

Before I could plead for a quiet entrance my little lady Kyndall came bounding through the door with a smile as large as Texas, waving her hand and proclaiming to have lost her first tooth all the while bouncing like a mexican jumping bean!!!

I felt like scolding her for waking the baby, but her excitement was contagious and made me smile and giggle a congratulations to her.

Then I did a crazy Mom thing!

I made her a tooth fairy pillow for her tooth to safely wait patiently for the tooth fairy to come.  ( by now we were nearing the next day mind you!)

Click here to find the pattern and project

I just love being a Mom!


{ My Projects } Felted Flower

31 Mar

A while back I knit some flowers and then felted them.  It was a Noni Design Pattern for the Camelila .

I used most of them on a handbag I made for one of the girls, but I had one left . . .

It has set around for a long time, the other day I hot glued a cute gem stone in the center and hair clip in the back . . . . “Ta Da”

What do you think?  Leave a comment below


Whoo Hoo! I made the top ten on Crazy Domestic’s Link Party

30 Mar

How Exciting!


Out of 124 Tutorials and projects my Baby Wrap Tutorial was in the top 10.  Click here to see the other projects that made the top ten.

Talk to you soon . . . .