{ ordinary days } Hilarious ride home from school

8 Apr

So I picked up the girls from school and on our 30 min ride home this was the conversation I heard:

Mom:  ( to 10 yr old) Why are you so grumby this afternoon?

10 yr old:  I’m hungry.  Thats why!

Mom:  Didn’t you eat your lunch?

10 yr old: NO

Mom: Why not honey?  I made you a nice lunch.

10 yr old:  (In a grumby comanding tone)  The cheese was so thick I couldn’t get my teeth through it!!

Mom: (thinking . . . cheese is soft even if it is thick.  She could have removed the cheese.  What a waste of money)  So you didn’t eat it?

10 yr old:  NO

13yr old:  So why didn’t you just cut the cheese???

Hilarious giggles explode in the minivan as we trott down the interstate at a clipping 70mph

Even grumby 10 yr old had to laugh.

6yr old totally not understanding the joke:  I cut the lettuce!

I love being a Mom


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