{ Ordinary Days } Some excitement

2 Apr

Well . . . It was about 11pm and we all should have been in bed

I was in the bedroom rocking the baby and I heard all kinds of excitement.

Before I could plead for a quiet entrance my little lady Kyndall came bounding through the door with a smile as large as Texas, waving her hand and proclaiming to have lost her first tooth all the while bouncing like a mexican jumping bean!!!

I felt like scolding her for waking the baby, but her excitement was contagious and made me smile and giggle a congratulations to her.

Then I did a crazy Mom thing!

I made her a tooth fairy pillow for her tooth to safely wait patiently for the tooth fairy to come.  ( by now we were nearing the next day mind you!)

Click here to find the pattern and project

I just love being a Mom!


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